Thursday, May 27, 2010

Belleville Boys

One of the most delightful things about having Belleville is how many lovely boys have come into my life. Of course there are mothers with great fashion sense who come to buy special things for their boys, but more and more I'm getting young boys in AS customers, boys specifically asking for a trip to Belleville. Some come for the street wise pieces from Rock Your Baby, who thankfully have children growing up themselves so the sizes ranges are going up! Some come for the classic, beautiful quality pieces from SUDO and then of course there are those that just love the Electric Boy T's (nothing says carefree youth as well as one of their T's). And with SUDO adding to the shoe range (along with my staples of Scruffy Dog & Yunginz) you can dress your boy from head to toe is gorgeousness. But nothing is as lovely as having an 8 year old boy come in with his pocket money saved to purchase his SUDO grey wool duffel coat. I didn't want to charge him. So with each season my range for boys increases and by next summer it should be equal ratio with both Polka and Chalk & Cheese coming soon to Belleville (both with great boys ranges).