Monday, June 28, 2010

Kids finding their own style

I've always known what my style is - even when I was very little.  I've always been interested in what is 'in' fashion and sometimes have jumped onto the bandwagon - but never if it didn't feel right for me.  I rarely wore things to feel part of a group or scene and there have been many choices, particularly in my teenage years, were I was definitely the odd one out.  Sometimes I do the exact opposite just to stand out from the crowd... when others wear skinny jeans I wear flares, when waistlines drop to obscene lows I wear absurdly high, if everyone is wearing sneakers I wear heels and so on.

So it's been interesting watching my daughter develop her own style.  I've not been able to choose her clothes since she was 18 months old so she's definitely had her own strong opinions about what she likes to wear, and as she's gotten older, how she wants to look as well as feel in clothes.  Now almost 6 she's my right hand girl in Belleville and I wouldn't think of buying stock without her opinion.  We don't always agree, but I love her opinion - it makes me look at everything in a different way.

Before Belleville I thought people, regardless of gender or age, either liked clothes or didn't.  I love having all my preconcieved perceptions crushed.  I have customers who adore clothes but have children who are neither interested or excited by them and vice versa.  I have one customer who is what I would call a 'functional shopper'... she looks for value for money, ease of wear (no buttons or fussy fabrics) and longevity (will her younger children get some wear down the track too).  She however has a young boy who is very particular about what he likes and what he wants.  Through talking to them both I've learnt what makes a great piece of clothing for children, and it's been wonderful watching this functional shopper become interested in fashion, her sons love of it and how he uses the clothes he wears to show the world what he's about and who he wants to be. Having a store that caters for both their needs is a thrill.  And having a brand like SUDO makes it just so much easier for me.  They tick all the boxes for both function and fashion.  Yes they are a little bit pricier than some other brands I stock, but the quality and style are so worth the few extra dollars.  My daughter will wear her SUDO pieces every day if I let her - and if I were to compare the cost per wear alone there is a clear winner.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Peace Street Winter is here!!!

Frantically unpacking (along with a lot of squeals of delight) the much anticipated delivery of winter Peace Street.  And really, there's not much more to say than "oh my..." Here's a couple of sneak peaks of their amazing velvet and silk girls coats - warm enough for winter but not too heavy for Brisbane.  More to come!