Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shoes Shoes Glorious Shoes

Buying shoes for kids is hard, no two ways about it.  I often get parents & grandparents come in and want to buy a pair of shoes as a gift and my recommendation is always the same - bring the child in to try them on.  I always have a little smile on my face when they say something like "it's for a 3 year old" - I have yet to meet two children of the same age with the same size foot, never mind all the other variables.

Even if you may know the general size of your child's shoe there are so many variances in styles and even within the same brand and same style there can be small differences which can become and issue.  A slightly too small or too wide shoe will not get worn, no matter how much you've paid for them.

And whilst I don't like to give kids too much power in the decision making process (otherwise my own daughter would be living in tap shoes 24/7) I do love to see children involved in it.  Often the last pair of shoes you would have chosen if shopping alone end up being the ones that both child and parent are happy to leave with.

I'm very selective about the brands and styles I have in Belleville and I get quite a chuckle being referred to as the Shoe Lady.
Have a look at some of the new styles just in.... and going fast!