Thursday, June 11, 2009

Belleville - the beginning

Belleville is a kids boutique with a difference.

Moving back to Brisbane with a small child who loved dressing up as much as I did, I soon realised there was a real need for a kids boutique that stocked interesting, unique, good quality clothes and shoes. Particularly those designed and made by Australians. I was over shopping online only to find that my daughter would not wear the purchases, or that they did not meet my own expectations, size or quality. And so Belleville was born, naturally stocking my favourite Australian kids labels: Paperwings, Peace Street, Sudo, Rock Your Baby, Hunter & Scout, Miatom, Z & Me, Raglab, No-one You Know for fashion. Walnut, Chook Leaf and Scruffy Dog shoes. Accessories by Ky Curran, jewellery by Karen Lila Yost (the only non Australian label, but too beautiful to not have) and artwork by Amy Alexander.

Kids of all ages are welcome to enjoy the store, make art, ride the tricycle around the store, have a tea party or a fashion parade with the clothes. It’s all about what they want really. My daughter Sanja works at Belleville on Saturdays, comes with me to trade shows and helps choose the stock. She also “test drives” a lot of what is purchased to ensure comfort and wear. Her feedback and that of other children and parents helps Belleville grow into the store I dream it being.

Belleville caters for both boys and girls - newborns to teenagers with a splash of women’s wear for older girls and women.


  1. I love the sound of your store. It sounds so inviting. Your daughter has a lovely name.

  2. Thank you so much. Sanja means Dream in Serbo-Croation... and she has been a dream come true.