Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Wagon comes to Belleville

I do love receiving parcels at Belleville and especially if they are unusual sizes. How excited I was when in came friendly Mr Delivery-Guy with a very large flatpack - I knew it could only be one thing - the first of my Red Wagon deliveries. It's going to be hard to sell these babies because of course I want to keep them for myself - but no doubt I'll be ordering lots for customers over the next few weeks so there'll be a wonderful array for me to sigh over.

Red Wagon beckons back to the carefree scenes of 1950's childhood. Stunningly beautiful on 75cm round high quality (ready to hang) canvases, these virtual storybook pages will become a focal piece in any room. 10 images to choose from and available to order from Belleville.

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  1. Just gorgeous! I love Red Wagon. Great to hear from you on the blog. Talk soon.